Vogue Gastronorm Non Stick Baking Sheet

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Effortlessly craft your guests' favourite baked goods, with the 1/1 GN baking sheet from Vogue.


The baking tray is finished with a premium, black-Teflon platinum coating that excels in providing non-stick qualities. This ensures that your baked goods are easily removed when cooked, helping to reduce waste.

ue to the 1/1 GN sizing, the baking sheet can be used in most commercial ovens and refrigeration units, making it ideal for cooking large batches of baked goods, ready for service or storage.

Made from Teflon-coated aluminium, the tray is highly durable to most wear and tear in the kitchen as well as being easy to clean. This allows for regular use, without the worry of needing to purchase replacements to remove burnt-on food.

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