Vogue Anti-Slip Disposable Blue Piping Bags - Pack of 100

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Perfect for bakers and cake decorators, these disposable pastry bags from Vogue will ensure you pipe with complete confidence.


They're designed for optimum performance while being easy to hold - each of the 100 bags is made with three layers of tough polyethylene featuring high tensile seams for added strength and reliability when piping.

If you're working with light and delicate consistencies, the non-slip exterior puts you in total control - ensuring you can decorate with maximum precision to create truly show-stopping bakes. Fantastic for anything from pastry and cake decorating to setting perfect meringues before baking, these 510 x 460mm piping bags won't let you down. They're also supplied in their own convenient box dispenser - quick and easy to grab, whenever you need one.

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