MasterClass Crusty Bake Non Stick Baguette Tray

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Whether you're cooking freshly prepared baguettes or simply warming pre-made ones, this perforated non-stick baguette tray from MasterClass is a fantastic way to make the process consistently easier and cleaner.


With its perforated design, the baguette tray allows airflow to all areas of the bread, ensuring you get a crispier crust with no 'soggy' spots. The combination of the shape and non-stick coating ensures bread is kept in the traditional baguette shape during the cook too, providing consistent results every time.

The strong carbon steel construction makes the tray easy to clean and extremely durable too - perfect for use in any kitchen, whether that's a busy professional restaurant or the home. And once you're all done, the tray can be cleaned in any suitably-sized dishwasher.

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