Cookasheet Reusable Non Stick Liner - 330 x 1000mm

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Remove the need for cooking oils and fats with the innovative Cookasheet non-stick cooking liner. Designed to line pots, pans, trays or tins, this clever non-stick liner significantly reduces the chance of food sticking, helping to make food easier to cook, without the need for disposable sheets or unhealthy fats.


Possibly the best thing about Cookasheets is their reusability - simply cut to the size you need and place the food on top. The PTFE coating is highly non-stick, completely eliminating any requirement for oils and fats, whilst making it very easy to remove food from your cooking pans. And once you've finished cooking, the liner is simple to clean - just wipe clean with a damp cloth and it's ready to use again in seconds.

Dimensions 330(W) x 1000(L)mm

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